XL bully ban could see breeders create ‘Wolftronic’ mutts warns Jeremy Clarkson

Banning the killer American XL Bully breed is going to spawn the creation of even more hellish hounds, creepy Jeremy Clarkson fears.

The telly host-turned-farmer, 63, warned ruthless breeders will create a monstrous “Wolftronic” dog for yobs who want to own petrifying muscle mutts.

He hit out after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed the XL Bully breed will be banned in the UK by the end of the year as they have now been linked to nine deaths – including three children – since 2021.

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Jezza, who owns two Labradors, ranted about the move: “Sure, the government is now sitting back, thinking that because they’ve banned the XL, the problem is over. But it isn’t.

“I talked this afternoon to a dog breeder and he said that someone with a shaved head and ‘Eff Off’ tattooed on his forehead will just invent a new breed that has the morals of a zombie, the teeth of a great white and a bite force greater than a hyena.

“And then to give it some appeal among his bare-knuckle friends, he’ll give the new breed a name like Wolftronic.

“So these dangerous dogs won’t ever go away. As each one is banned, a worse one will come along to replace it.”

Jezza also joked: “It all sounds rather depressing, but I think I have a solution.

“We let someone buy a Wolftronic. And we let them call it B*****d, if that’s what they want. But we insist that it must be dyed Barbie pink.”

He said about owners of the Bully breed: “We have to accept that if you are the sort of shaven-headed brute with a neck the size of a birthday cake, extensive facial artwork, and a piece of string, you don’t really want a King Charles spaniel on the other end of it.

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“You want something scary, which is why you were drawn to the American XL Bully.

“Because this is the kind of muscle-dog you imagine providing the fire-lit half-time entertainment at a backwoods bareknuckle fistfight.

“It’s like walking around with a four-legged machine gun. People are going to get out of your way.”

The XL Bully is to be banned under the existing Dangerous Dogs Act.

It will be illegal to own the dogs in the UK, and legal action will be taken against anyone who has one.

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It’s understood existing Bullies will be given amnesty, similarly to the 1991 pitbull ban.

It is likely they will have to wear a muzzle and kept on the lead at all time when out in public.

It comes after a string of attacks by the powerful dogs.

An 11-year-old girl, Ana Paun, was mauled and two men were attacked when a Bully crossbreed went on the rampage in Birmingham earlier this month.

Last week, Ian Price, 52, was savaged to death by two suspected Bullies in Stonnall, near Walsall, Staffordshire.

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