‘I’m a car expert and I’m sick of hearing this misconception about tires’

A motoring expert has warned drivers to regularly check to see that their car’s tires are safe or risk causing serious accidents.

Bladed Angel regularly posts videos to his YouTube channel, discussing good driving practices and information on new models.

In one of his most popular videos, Bladed Angel states how many drivers do not invest enough money and attention into their tires.

He explained: “This is a surprisingly huge misconception, not just with non-car people but even with car enthusiasts.

“The reasoning is because tires are a disposable wear and tear item so psychologically our brains don’t like spending more on something that we don’t get to use very long.”

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According to the AAA, drivers can get the best performance out of their vehicle by ensuring that the tires have the optimal level of air pressure.

It is recommended that motorists check their tire pressures each week and before any long journey by using an accurate pressure gauge when the vehicle has not moved for at least half an hour.

All models will contain information about the correct tire pressures either printed on the sill of the driver’s door, inside the gas cap or in the owner’s manual.

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Additionally, Bladed Angel highlighted that it is equally important that, when a driver orders new tires for their vehicle, they are right for the vehicle and the local driving conditions.

He said: “Because they are constantly being used by our cars and constantly being changed for our cars it’s just a tire and a lot of people always say I already have all-wheel drive therefore I don’t need winter tires.

“No amount of horsepower matters if you have the wrong tires, no amount of downforce matters I you have tires that don’t grip.

However, whilst running a car on incorrectly pressured or worn-out tires can affect the performance and handling of a vehicle, it may also have dire consequences.

According to studies, the stopping distance of a vehicle using tires with the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm was over 25 feet further than the same vehicle on tires with a 3mm tread depth.

Whilst punishments vary per state, using a car with bald or worn-out tires is widely considered a form a reckless driving and could land owners a fine of up to $2,500 in some areas.

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