Petrol and diesel drivers risk £100 fine and penalty points due to fuel mistake

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Petrol and diesel owners could be slapped with a fine and penalty points if they drive on empty fuel tanks, according to a car expert.

Specialists at Quotezone warn that driving on low fuel may result in the car breaking down and causing an obstruction.

This is likely to see road users issued a strict £100 fine and issued up to three points on their driving licence in a major blow.

They said: “Letting your car run on low fuel isn’t a crime, but any careless or dangerous driving caused by the lack of fuel could see you punished by law.

“You could face a £100 fine and three points on your licence if you are forced to stop in the road and cause an obstruction to other motorists.”

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However, the sanction could become a lot worse if the breakdown leads to a road traffic accident. Depending on the circumstances, motorists could be handed up to nine penalty points on record as well as an unlimited fine.

Neil Greig, Director of Policy and research at IAMRoadSmart has previously called out road users who take the risk of driving with little fuel.

He stressed breaking down on busy roads is “very high risk” and could lead to a serious collision. He explained: “We have very little sympathy for drivers who run out of fuel on the motorway.

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“There is no excuse for entering a motorway with low fuel or if you know something is wrong with your car.

“A breakdown puts you and your passengers at very high risk – many fatal crashes on a motorway involve a stationary vehicle.”

Many drivers may not be aware that heading off on a journey with insufficient fuel is also a breach of the Highway Code.

Rule 97 reads: “Before setting off. You must ensure – that you have sufficient fuel for your journey, especially if it includes motorway driving.”

The AA has claimed it attended over 10,500 breakdowns where drivers had simply run out of fuel or electrical charge last year.

However, Both the RAC and AA stress running out of fuel is covered as part of their breakdown plans.

The RAC explained: “Yes, you’re covered if you run out of fuel as part of your breakdown cover. We’ll just charge you for any fuel you need to get going again.

“If you have an electric car and you run out of charge, you’re also covered. We’ll either give you a 10-mile boost – or we’ll tow you 10 miles to a charge point.”

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