Brit wrestler Mariah May is ‘biggest star in Japan’ and rumoured for AEW debut

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  • Top British female wrestler Mariah May has become the “biggest thing in Japan” and is now rumoured to be joining All Elite Wrestling.

    May, 25, shocked the wrestling world by debuting for the all-female wrestling company Stardom in Japan last year. She immediately joined Club Venus alongside former WWE NXT UK star Xia Brookside and group leader Mina Shirakawa.

    Ex-WWE star Jessie Kamea and Japanese standouts Xena and Waka Tsukiyama are also members, although those two and Xia haven’t been involved as much lately. They were originally a sub group to the Cosmic Angels group, but went their own way earlier this year.

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    Islington-born Mariah, a keen gaming streamer, has been thriving in Japan, becoming Goddess of Stardom champion alongside Mina earlier this year, under the team name of Rose Gold – and was shortly afterwards dubbed the Foreign Ace. She also had an stand-out battle against Stardom legend Giulia, who is widely recognised as one of the best female wrestling in the entire industry.

    And fans are now clamouring for one of the big US-based companies to snap her up, with All Elite Wrestling seemingly in the hot seat. Last month it was rumoured that AEW were set to sign the one-time women’s champion of Welsh-based promotion Slammasters.

    In 2019, she had been part of a try out for WWE when it had a UK Performance Centre, but that closed in 2022 – although interest has been expressed by WWE in signing her in recent months, too, with Impact Wrestling also thought to have Mariah on their radar, sources from the company have told the Daily Star.

    But for now, fans are dubbing Mariah as the “biggest star in Japan”, on social media.

    One wrote, in response to the news that Mariah has had the most matches in Stardom this with, with 98: “I really hope there is many more. You have been amazing in stardom and fit like you belong there.”

    And another wrote: “She’s already the BEST performer in #STARDOM for how young she is, expect her to win many more championships in her career.”

    1. Top Star(dom)

      Mariah May has worn championship gold during her stint in Japan

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    2. Rose Gold domination

      Alongside Mina, she became Goddess of Stardom champion

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    3. In-ring improvement

      She has wrestled nearly 100 times this year, and the improvement in-ring shows

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    4. ‘Biggest thing in Japan’

      Fans have been loving Mariah’s work since her Japan debut

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    5. Future star?

      Big things appear to be on the horizon for Mariah

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    1. ‘She’ll win many championships’

      Fans are sure that Mariah will have huge success in the future, but where will she have it . . .?

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    2. Gold. GOLD. Always believe in . . . Mariah?

      The Brit has been dripping in gold since debuting in Japan

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    3. Social media star

      Mariah has a huge following on social media

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    1. ‘She is the best’

      Her loyal fan base, which has seen her amass 79k followers on X/Twitter, love her

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    2. What does the future hold?

      All three major companies – AEW, WWE and Impact Wrestling – are said to be interested in the Foreign Ace

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    3. Rise and Grind

      The hard work has paid off for the 25-year-old British stand-out

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