‘I survived October 7 terrorist attack – the BBC is a propaganda tool for Hamas’

One of the lucky survivors of a brutal terrorist attack which was one of the deadliest days in Israel’s history has slammed the BBC – claiming that it is a ‘propaganda tool’ for Hamas.

October 7, 2023, was a dark day in the history of both Israel and the rest of the world as Hamas terrorists stormed over the border and killed close to 1,200 innocent civilians in their homes and in the streets.

Hamas invaders launched a terrifying attack on revellers at the Nova music festival where thousands of young people were partying and enjoying the early October weather. This spirit of peace and joy was shattered when Hamas attacked and opened fire.

Nearly two months on from that dark day, a survivor of the brutal October 7 attack has claimed that the BBC has become a propaganda tool for the terrorist organisation. Ido, 28, was attending the music festival when Hamas invaders launched an attack against Israel from Gaza, killing around 1,200 people and taking hundreds more hostage.

Speaking to Express.co.uk about the BBC’s position of not calling Hamas a terrorist organisation, Ido – who did not wish to give his surname – suggested that the broadcaster spreads misinformation to support the group.

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He also said that someone from the BBC should imagine themselves in the position of someone whose friend did not return from that festival.

Ido claimed: “The BBC has turned into a propaganda tool for Hamas. They distort the truth and spread misinformation and lies to support Hamas.

“Anyone backing such appalling acts is part of these acts of terrorism. I would be intrigued to know if a BBC employee would dare to publish such false information if their own child would have been in the same situation I have been in.

“I would propose they reside in Gaza or near the Israeli border to witness how Israeli children are taught songs of peace, love, and acceptance, while children in Gaza are taught about weapons and hate.

“They have weapons and missiles in hospitals, schools, and kindergartens. Let someone from the BBC envision themselves in a scenario where their four-year-old child has been held captive for a month and a half by terrorists and see how they may react.”

Despite his anger towards the BBC, Ido said that the Israeli government had its own set of extremists who were dividing the nation.

Ido, a professional dog walker, equally claimed that it “does not represent my views at all. It comprises of extremists who are dividing the nation”.

He added: “Due to the political turmoil, citizen protests, and internal divisions, the enemy chose this moment to launch such a heinous attack.

“I hope for a new and worthy government for our country—one that will lead, protect, and secure a better future for me, my children, and the future generations in Israel.

“I firmly support providing humanitarian aid to innocent civilians. Unfortunately, Hamas impedes aid from reaching civilians and misuses supplies for terrorist activities.”

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Ido also said he sympathises with the citizens of Gaza who are “subjected to terrorist rule that brings ruin upon them They’re used as shields, hospitals are used as hiding spots, and their own people are coerced into participating in terror activities”.

On how peace will be brought about he suggested: “I strongly believe that this conflict will remain unsolvable until a genuine Palestinian leader emerges—one who truly desires peace and is willing to engage in meaningful negotiations.

“Pressuring Israel to halt its operations in Gaza isn’t advisable. If given the opportunity to conduct operations properly, Israel, known for its moral military conduct (as I can testify having served in the military myself), can minimise civilian casualties.

“However, undue pressure on Israel might disrupt the precise process the military intends to carry out.”

In a statement, the BBC said: “BBC News has provided our global audiences with coverage and first-hand testimony of the atrocities committed by Hamas, and the suffering in Gaza. We have made clear the devastating human cost to civilians living in Israel and Gaza, and the unprecedented nature of what has happened. The huge loss of civilian life on both sides makes this a shocking and difficult story to cover.

“Our correspondents have been to the scenes of attacks, massacres and potential war crimes; and reported on the harrowing scenes they have witnessed. We have reported on the atrocities committed by Hamas in their assault on Israel and have heard many accounts from survivors of these attacks and family members of the victims, reflecting the trauma they are suffering.

“On the ground in Gaza our teams have reported on the rising death toll from Israeli air strikes and the unfolding humanitarian crisis, as rockets destroy buildings, power and water supplies are cut and thousands try to move out of the way of danger. We have reflected on statements from the UN and NGOs. We have interviewed representatives of the Israeli government, Hamas and UK government ministers and asked whether international law is being adhered to.

“BBC News has also examined the history and complexities of the Israel-Palestinian conflict and analysed the potential consequences of the war for the wider region. Our reporting has included opinions from all sides, the region and the wider world.

“We have previously covered the escalation in tensions between Israel and the Palestinians, and the reasons for it. Careful consideration has been given to all aspects of our coverage to ensure that we report on developments accurately and with due impartiality in line with the BBC Editorial Guidelines, which are publicly available.

“The BBC, along with many other UK and global news organisations, does use the word “terrorist”, but attributes it. We have made clear to our audiences that Hamas is proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the UK and other governments.”

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