Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘have only one friendship left in Royal Family’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly severed ties with all members of the Royal Family, bar one.

According to Royal commentator Jennie Bond, the only remaining connection is Princess Eugenie. Since stepping back from their Royal duties in 2020, the couple has had minimal contact with the family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, once dubbed the "Fab Four" alongside them.

Jennie Bond criticised Harry and Meghan's rumoured association with the Kardashians, stating: "They seem to have cut all ties with the Royal Family – except for Princess Eugenie – so it seems inevitable that they will now embrace lives as La La Land celebs.

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"Personally I think it would be ludicrous and rather demeaning to appear in the Kardashians. I think they are better than that."

A source told Heat magazine that the Royal Family is worried about the Sussexes' close relationship with Eugenie and Beatrice, adding: "For the King, Camilla, and the Waleses, it's rather unfortunate that Eugenie and Beatrice are so close with the Sussexes."

It comes after Jennie Bond said The Duchess of Cambridge won't be extending an olive branch to Prince Harry this Christmas.

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The once close in-law's relationship has reportedly soured to such an extent that Kate won't be playing peacemaker over the festivities. Despite her previous role as a mediator within the Royal Family, notably reuniting her husband Prince William and Prince Harry after Prince Phillip's funeral, it seems the current situation is too complex.

This follows a series of brutal personal attacks by Harry in his memoir, Spare. Royal commentator Jennie Bond told Fabulous: "Catherine has played the peacemaker in the past and has brought William and Harry together, and I think that comes from her own family, and their values. But I think she has got to a stage whereby she has had to take a step back. Things have gone too far, and she feels upset and, quite frankly, hurt and insulted."

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